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RPI custom extrusion is so fun to play with, we keep getting in trouble!  Stay clean and out of time-out with extrusion made for you!

RPI has extruded rubber profiles customized for your specific application. From the type of rubber compound, the physical characteristics of the compound and the shape itself; you control the final product!

Extrusion material can be made from a wide range of compounds such as; SBR, EPDM, Viton, Nitrile and Buna.  Not sure what you have?  We can match compounds to samples.

We promise to deliver the same quality, service and value that you receive with RPI conveyor belts.

RPI Custom Extusion, so fun you’ll want to join the party!



Don’t scare yourself needlessly, RPI custom fabrication ensures that you get exactly what you expected, no surprises!

You should never live in fear of not getting what you wanted or needed.  With RPI Custom Fabricated Rubber Products, you know you’ll get exactly what you wanted because you approve the drawing before we start fabricating!

With over 2000 cleat patterns in our database and more being added daily, we can meet your design needs.

If we don’t have the right molds for your pattern, we are willing to make the investment of new molds, provided the opportunity warrants it.

RPI, no scardy cats here!



Unless you want to stand out, seams do matter!  RPI Longitudinal belts are so smooth the seam is almost invisible!

RPI Hot Vulcanized Longitudinal splices are available up to 252” (21’-0”) wide. RPI cold bond longitudinal splices are available up to 300” (25’-0”) wide.
Need a wide cleated belt? RPI can cleat up to 120” wide belts with Cross Cleats, Chevrons, Maxclimb, V-Guides and other patterns.!

RPI, helping you blend in!



Maybe the belt was born with it, maybe it’s RPI!

RPI Chevron belts are manufactured with such high quality, sometimes you can’t tell if it was born with it!  With RPI Fabricated Chevron belts, you know you’ll get exactly what you wanted because you approve the drawing before we start fabricating!

RPI chevron belts are available with cleat sizes from 1/2″ x 1/2″ to 3″ beefy cleats. Cleat patterns can have varying degrees of angle, open or closed cleats and custom recesses. Cleats can be designed with overlap for smooth return on solid rollers.

Talk to your account manager today to get the right pattern for your application.

RPI, bringing the beauty of the belt out!



Compete to win a bottle of booze and get an RPI Flask!  

Come see RPI at Booth #704 and collect your 8oz Stainless Steel Flask!

Why a Rubber Chicken?  As the Best Damn Custom Rubber Fabricators, rubber is what we do!

While grabbing your flask check out RPI’s custom chain belt design, continuous maxclimb pattern and other samples of fabricated conveyor belt.

RPI, liquids mostly not included!



RPI has partnered with Accupad, American Biltrite, Belting Industries, Passaic Rubber and Universal Belting to make the Expo more exciting and fun this year!  Print your entry card here, get a stamp from all participating booths and turn in for the prize of your choice!



RPI customer service is beyond Elementary, just like you would expect.  With RPI, you can’t say customer service no longer exists!

RPI Territoy Managers are dedicated to providing you the best service in the industry.  Available by phone or email, they will get back to you within 2 hours.

Drew Jonke – 360-567-4286

Russ Leabo – 360-567-4291

Victor Morales – 360-567-4285

Ben Paliyev – 360-567-4297

Laura Hoggan – 360-567-4289 or 503-784-0827

We take service serious, let us know how we are doing!

Elementary, my dear RPI customer, Elementary!


Selfie Worthy

Selfie Worthy

RPI Frac Sand belts, the only sidewall belt proven not to delaminate in tough conditions, deserve a selfie too!

RPI Frac Sand Belts with Hot Vulcanized Sidewall last longer. Use RPI Frac Sand belts to ensure your customers stay operating! Here are 3 reasons why RPI Frac Belts are the best in the industry!

1) Hot Vulcanized Sidewall! RPI sidewalls don’t delaminate from the belt due to the greater adhesion created in the vulcanization process.
2) Short Lead Times! RPI Frac Sand belts ship in 3 weeks or less! Customer down? We’ll make you the hero!
3) Quality! RPI Frac Sand belts have a 100% success record in the field

RPI, selfie stick not included with purchase!


Black and White

Black and White

At RPI there are no shades of grey when it comes to our belting! Dedicated molds ensure there are no Zebras at RPI!

RPI White Nitrile belts are built using dedicated molds, leaving a prestine white belt with no black or grey cleats!

White Nitrile belts provide excellent resistance to oil, fat and grease. White Nitrile belts withstand hot water and steam cleaning. With a proven track record, why go with an unknown?

RPI cleated White Nitrile belts are ideal for food applications that need a proven solution. RPI White Nitrile belts meet FDA requirements and are USDA/MID approved for direct food contact.

Leave Shades of Grey for the books, RPI is Black or White!