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Black and White

Black and White

At RPI there are no shades of grey when it comes to our belting! Dedicated molds ensure there are no Zebras at RPI!

RPI White Nitrile belts are built using dedicated molds, leaving a prestine white belt with no black or grey cleats!

White Nitrile belts provide excellent resistance to oil, fat and grease. White Nitrile belts withstand hot water and steam cleaning. With a proven track record, why go with an unknown?

RPI cleated White Nitrile belts are ideal for food applications that need a proven solution. RPI White Nitrile belts meet FDA requirements and are USDA/MID approved for direct food contact.

Leave Shades of Grey for the books, RPI is Black or White!


Sheeps Clothing

Sheeps Clothing

For everyone who wants more, the RPI Phantom Cleats are the Cleats you never imagined you could have… 

Phantom cleats look like a regular cleat from a distance, but when you get close, you realize the cleat is cut into the top cover of the belt!

Phantom cleats are precisely cut into the top cover with our CNC operated Pregrind machine, Lucille.  Lucille ensures the Phantom cleat depth is exact and doesn’t go down to the fabric.

RPI, keeping the clothes on dogs!


No Surprises

No Surprises

RPI custom fabrication ensures that you get exactly what you expected, no surprises!

So the next time you want to bury your head in sand, you’ll get sand, not ice! Nothing is worse than being surprised with something that isn’t what you wanted or needed.  With RPI Custom Fabricated Rubber Products, you know you’ll get exactly what you wanted!

With over 1500 cleat patterns in our database and more being added daily, we can meet your design needs.

If we don’t have the right molds for your pattern, we are willing to make the investment of new molds, provided the opportunity warrants it.

RPI, no surprises, cold or hot here!

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RPI dewatering belts keep the water were it should be, protecting us all from the drenching!
RPI Dewatering belts are used in a variety of product applications, from Tomatoes to Potatoes! Dewatering holes are sized based on the product conveyed, to ensure the product does not fall through.

RPI Dewatering belts are available with cleats for incline applications where product rollback is a problem. Standard and custom hole patterns are available. Call your account manager today to discuss your application!

Take control of the water with RPI dewatering belts!


RPI Published in Recycling Today!

RPI has received the great honor of being published in the Nov 2015 issue of Recycling Today.  Go here to read the article on how properly maintained conveyor belts can help a recycle facility run smoothly.

recycle today cover


Yoga isn’t for everyone, RPI custom extrusion is!  Keep from getting bent out of shape with extrusion made for you!

RPI has been extruding rubber profiles for over a year now and we are having a blast. Our flexibility in production keeps improving, more so than our ability to touch our toes.

Extrusion material can be made from a wide range of compounds such as; SBR, EPDM, Viton, Nitrile and Buna.  Not sure what you have?  We can match compounds to samples.

We promise to deliver the same quality, service and value that you receive with RPI conveyor belts.

Reach new customers with RPI Custom Extrusion!



RPI protects you from the troll by providing quality belts that will keep your road milling equipment running!

RPI has the cleat patterns to move your road grindings!  Meeting or exceeding the

performance of OEM belts, the RPI Road Milling belts ship fast!

RPI has the following Road Construction belts in stock, ready to ship!
• Under Crusher 2/800 1/4 x 3/32 belt
• Integrally Molded CC-15 and Megaclimb
• Hot Tar & Asphalt 2 & 3 ply

RPI, helping to keep the Trolls under the bridge!



You’ve been asking for a MaxClimb pattern with Continuous center cleat…your wish has been granted!

We got the magic fairy wand out and went to town.  RPI can now make our MaxClimb pattern with two center cleat options.   At the same time, we had a mishap and turned Russ into a cat…it may be a few days before we get that spell reversed.

MaxClimb patterns are exceptional at containing product within the cleat pattern.  The wide pocket at the bottom of the cleat pattern keeps the material spread out evenly.

RPI, the fairy godmother of cleat patterns!