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RPI Published in Recycling Today!

RPI has received the great honor of being published in the Nov 2015 issue of Recycling Today.  Go here to read the article on how properly maintained conveyor belts can help a recycle facility run smoothly.

recycle today cover


Yoga isn’t for everyone, RPI custom extrusion is!  Keep from getting bent out of shape with extrusion made for you!

RPI has been extruding rubber profiles for over a year now and we are having a blast. Our flexibility in production keeps improving, more so than our ability to touch our toes.

Extrusion material can be made from a wide range of compounds such as; SBR, EPDM, Viton, Nitrile and Buna.  Not sure what you have?  We can match compounds to samples.

We promise to deliver the same quality, service and value that you receive with RPI conveyor belts.

Reach new customers with RPI Custom Extrusion!



There is a little nut in us all, let RPI Air Leg Belts ensure your nuts stay whole!  

Our quality control process at RPI, guarantees your Air Leg belt will be built according to your specifications. Precise dimensions ensure the belt runs smoothly and your nuts are delivered safely!

RPI uses Hot Vulcanization for all cleat sizes from 1/2” x 1/2” to 6” Beefy. Experience the excellence of RPI Fabrication! RPI, for the Nut in us all!

RPI Air Leg Belts for the nut in us all!



When you go bare, go all the way bare!  RPI Bare Back belts don’t have unsightly bleed through! 

The purpose of Bare Back belts is to lower the coefficient of friction for operation in slider bed applications.  Belts with bleed through or rubber residue on the fabric side decrease the effectiveness of bare back belt.  This increases the drag / resistance the belt is under, causing motors to work harder to move the belt.

Call RPI for Bare Back belts that don’t need a wax job!


Perfect Partners

Perfect Partners
RPI knows love and business are a mix of chemistry and hard work!  We are commited to working hard for you! 
  • RPI will not develop new business direct with end users
  • RPI will forward end user leads developed from or other means to a trusted local distributor
  • RPI will not call on an end user without direct request and/or escort of a distributor
  • RPI will not pursue an OEM that you developed and brought to RPI
  • RPI will protect a distributor who worked with RPI to developed a solution for a customer
  • RPI will not disclose sensitive information to your competitors
  • RPI will respond to all quote inquires within 2 hours by acknowledging receipt or sending a completed quote

We honor our Distributor Customer Relationships and want immediate feedback

if you ever feel we have acted against the above commitments.
Rodney Roalsen, President – 503-703-4084  –
Laura Hoggan, VP Sales & Marketing – 503-784-0287 –

Feel the love from RPI!



Yes, the thought matters but the results mean more!  You can rely on RPI Recycle belts to meet the quality, lead time and value you expect.

RPI is your source for Conveyor belts for Recycle Facilities. RPI builds Armor Clad, Chain Driven Infeed, Sidewall Combo and Cleated Incline belts designed to withstand the unique environment of Recycle Facilities.

RPI custom designs and cleat sizes solve specific application issues.  From 2″ x 2″ Super Cleats for C&D Recycle Facilities to special Herringbone patterns for Metal Recycling Facilities, RPI has the belt for you!  RPI is experienced in solving application issues for the Recycle Industry.

RPI, when you need results, not just the thought!



RPI hot vulcanized sidewall is your best defense against delamination!  Don’t let your sidewall fall off prematurely! 

1) RPI Sidewall is Hot Vulcanized!  Not to be confused with Hot Bonded, which is the process of using heat to accelerate a chemical adhesive.  Hot Vulcanization is the process of using uncured raw rubber to create the bond at the molecular level!

2) Short Lead Times!  Our sidewall belts ship in 1-2 weeks if the materials are standard, inventoried items!

3) Quality! Our sidewall doesn’t delaminate.  RPI belts are made with quality materials by a production team that knows quality matters to you!

Don’t suffer a wardrobe malfunction, call RPI today for Sidewall that Stays!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
What will 2016, the Year of the Red Fire Monkey have in store for you?

RPI wants to help you prepare for the coming year!  Below is your horoscope for 2016, we hope the year has great things in store for you.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) have plenty of room and time to work on their personal passions this year. Uranus is still in the heart of Aries, so there may be times when you need to remind yourself to not wander off too far on your own.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) get their share of cosmic attention in 2016. There are four Mercury retrogrades, mostly in Earth signs. Work with greater care and then you should experience few – if any – mistakes or misunderstandings. Things will go so smoothly that it may seem too good to be true. It’s not!

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) may feel more comfortable in 2016 than they did in 2015. Teamwork, communication, and mutual understanding are highlighted, so this year will feel natural to you. The Moon begins this year in the first degree of Libra and that helps you all year long.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are always sensitive, and this can be an advantage for you in 2016. You can keenly spot when complications are developing, and from whom/where.