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Make playing in the sand fun again! RPI Frac Sand Belts are proven in the field! 

RPI Frac Belts take the headache out of moving sand! RPI Frac Sand belts ensure your customers stay operating! Here are 3 reasons why RPI Frac Belts are the best in the industry!

1) Hot Vulcanized Sidewall!  RPI sidewalls don’t delaminate from the belt due to the greater adhesion created in the vulcanization process. 

2) Outstanding Service! RPI Account Managers provide fast quote turn around, quick responses to questions and a dedication to providing you the best service possible!  

3) Quality!  RPI Frac Sand belts have a 100% success record in the field.

RPI, we play well with others!


Not Being Heard? Customer Service E-Blast

Not Being Heard? Customer Service E-Blast
Tired of trying to get through a phone tree? RPI Sales professionals answer every call!

At RPI we recognize that your time is valuable!  Our sales professionals answer the phones directly, saving you the hassle of navigating a phone tree. 

Want to get right to your dedicated Account Manager?  We have direct line numbers just for you! 

RPI is committed to offering the best service in the industry.  Let us know how we can better help you. Here for you Monday through Friday 6 am – 5 pm PST…or online anytime!

RPI, at your beck and call!