5 Food Handling / Light Duty Poly White Nitrile Pebbletop The “ripple top” covers feature a textured pattern (known as Tyler Wire Impression) that is capable of high traction on moderate inclines. Suitable for conveying produce, bakery goods, packages and small parts. Oil and grease resistant, non marking. FDA accepted for packaged product only. 2 Ply Poly 60 White Nitrile Pebbletop 3 Ply Poly 90 White Nitrile Pebbletop 11 12 Poly White Nitrile Meatcleat This ribbed mini-cleated belt is ideal for incline conveying in packing and food processing plants. The belt is fully accepted by FDA and MID. All surface planes are smooth and easily cleaned. Inverted V-shaped cleats are 1/8” high and are spaced straight across on 1” centers. 3 Ply Poly 150 White Nitrile Meatcleat 13 BELT SAMPLES ARE AVAILABLE! CALL FOR DETAILS. 12 13 13a 13b Fabsyn™ White Nitrile "Corrugated" Manufactured by our Fabflex Division in Boise, Idaho, the cover of the Fabsyn food grade "Corrugated" No. 13a has integrally molded round ribs 1/16" high on 1/4" spacing center-to-center. Designed to provide positive discharge for sliced and diced food products. The 13a is FDA approved and resistant to vegetable and animal oils. Also see pages 28 and 29 for other Fabflex products. 13c 13d 2 Ply Fabsyn Corrugated White Nitrile COS Fabsyn™ White Nitrile "Asendor" Same basic construction as No. 13a, but with round ribs 1/8" high on 1" spacing. The "Asendor" No. 13b is designed for incline conveying of small and medium-size food prod- ucts. Its special rib profile reduces resonance on return idlers and offers more resistance to wear and abrasion. Round ribs also reduce bruising of food products. FDA approved. Also see pages 28 and 29 for other Fabflex products. 2 Ply Fabsyn Asendor White Nitrile COS Fabsyn™ White Nitrile "Top Flight" The patented design of our "Top Flight" No. 13c runs on all types of conveyors without special idlers. Lateral cleats 3/16" high on 6" centers intersect with longitudinal 3/16" high cleats on 4" centers. Raised buttons at the corners of the pattern allow for the drainage of wet product. It is an excellent replacement for other cleated belts or flat belts where roll-back of product is a problem. FDA approved. 2Ply Fabsyn Top Flight White Nitrile COS Fabsyn™ White Nitrile "Crosstop" The integrally molded 3/8" x 3/8" cleats of the "Crosstop" No. 13d taper down to 1/4". Its open 8" x 8" pattern allows water drainage and ease of cleaning. It provides constant belt support from the conveyor return idlers and has the characteristic of running as smooth and effortlessly as a flat belt. FDA approved. Also see pages 28 and 29 for other Fabflex products. 2 Ply Fabsyn Crosstop White Nitrile COS 13a 13b 13c 13d Poly Green and Tan Nitrile COS Green and tan belts are popular on inspection lines because they are less tiresome on the inspectors’ eyes. Also, tan is commonly used in fruit and vegetable processing because of its greater resistance to staining. Both belts feature strong, all-polyester carcasses. FDA accepted. 3 Ply 150 Tan Nitrile COS 3 Ply 90 Green Nitrile COS 15a 14 15a