Beltservice’s STEEP-CLIMB belt is a versatile and all pur- pose Chevron cleated belt specifically designed for the toughest belting applica- tions. This multipurpose belt is excellent for transporting products such as coal, grain, rock, wood chips, sugar, beets, salt, coke, cement, metal alloys, construction materials, sand and various bulk materials. STEEP-CLIMB ADVANTAGES: • Handles larger-sized materials • Can be run in 20° and 35° troughing systems • Allows users to operate belts at higher inclines • Stabilizes material while traveling on belt • Unique T-Bar helps prevent product roll back • Conveys higher capacities than traditional 1/4” and 1/2” high Chevron cleats • Easy to retrofit belts into existing troughing conveyor systems CLEAT CONSTRUCTION: • Available in black standard, oil resistant, heat resistant, oil & heat resistant, and white nitrile FDA compounds • 1-1/4” high overlapping molded cleats on 10” centers • Operates on recommended base belt pulley diameters CONVEYOR BELTING STEEP-CLIMB Can Transport Loose Material Up 35° Inclines!