AIRPORTS -Air terminal baggage handling -Airlines service sector -Air freight sorting facilities WAREHOUSE & DISTRIBUTION -Package handling -Retail storage facilities -Mail order facilities PACKAGING & SHIPPING -Package handling -Mail sorting facilities -Newspaper plants FOOD PROCESSING -Bakeries -Canned processing -Food & drug packaging Sometimes the most direct route isn’t a straight line. For these situations, we supply a group of specialized belts called power turn belts. ProTurn® is our line of precision fabricated replacement belts and are sold only to distributors and OEMs. POWER TURN REPLACEMENT BELTS ADVANCED CUTTING TECHNOLOGY We use a state-of-the-art computer-controlled Flash Cutter to cut our replacement power turn belts. To maintain the tightest tolerances for repeat fabrications, AutoCad® engineering drawings are archived for every ProTurn® belt we manufacture. ACCURATE SURVEY INFORMATION Correct dimensions are extremely critical when surveying a power turn belt. In most cases, a belt can not be reworked after it has been cut. Please complete and fax, or e-mail a ProTurn®replacement form for every replacement power turn belt that is ordered. ProTurn®replacement belts are fabricated to your customers’ exact specifications with all guidance hardware installed. Belts for 45°, 90°, 180° and spiral lift applications include either chain, urethane bead, or bearing/wheel guide systems attached and ready for service. High speed operations and strict safety standards are a way of life for facility managers at airports and around-the-clock package sorting facilities. When faced with a choice of endless conveyor belt options, distributors can be certain we stock an excellent selection of high performance products. INDUSTRIES INCLUDE: