MAGNETHANE™ is an exclusive blending of FDA compliant metal detectable thermoplastic resins. This unique combination of materials has created a totally new family of industrial food grade conveyor belting products. The magnetic signature of these products, allows them to be "seen" by most metal detection and X-ray devices used on packaging and production lines. MAGNETHANE™ belting and products are designed for use in conveying applications where if any part of the belt should chip, abrade or separate into the product being conveyed a properly calibrated metal detector will register. This feature allows the prompt removal of the contaminate, thus preventing further contamination and a possible product recall. The flexibility of MAGNETHANE™ allows Beltservice to tailor-make a product that can match your customers' unique requirements. If, for instance, a product must have antimicrobial characteristics in addition to being metal detectable, additives can be incorporated into the polymer that will inhibit the growth of harmful organisms such as bacteria, mold, or fungi, while remaining entirely safe for the most sensitive applications. TM Magnetic Detectable Conveyor Belts and Parts MAGNETHANE™ belts and parts are the next generation of "safety net" products for progressive food manufacturers and packagers. PRODUCT LINE • Flat Belts • Heavy Duty Flat Belts • Positive Drive Belts • Round Belts • V-Belts • Metal Detectable Scrapers • Feeder Belts • Xraythane • Specialty Belts/Cut Parts • Super Mag Drive Belts Beltservice C O R P O R A T I O N Beltservice C O R P O R A T I O N