“A” SECTION “B” SECTION “C” SECTION 1/2” in Width 5/16” in Height 5/8” in Width 1/2” in Height 7/8” in Width 5/8” in Height ◆ Automotive ◆ Boxboard ◆ Fiberglass Plants ◆ Tile Manufacturing ◆ Building Products ◆ Cement Industry ◆ Brick Manufacturing ( Metal Stamping ) For many years urethane V-Guides have been a good solution for situations where operating conditions have created alignment or tracking problems. Beltserviceʼs new Urethane Segmented V-Guides have improved this original concept in the following ways: • Flexibility makes these perfect for smaller pulleys • Extremely resistant to abrasive applications • Because the guide is segmented, it provides protection against complete guide failure • Use on plied and interwoven belts