BeltTS DRAINAGE BELTS BeltTS is recognized as the leading international manufacturer of drainage belts and related rubber belt filtration products. Our design and production team have created over 1,000 drainage belt solutions to support global industries requiring an efficient slurry dewatering process. Chemical Refinement Mining (Ore Leaching) Food Industries Aluminum Fluoride Nickel Salt Quartz Acetic Acid Paper Bauxite Ore Peroxide Uranium Calcium Pharmaceutical Calcium Phosphoric Acid Copper Lactic Acid Waste Management Gypsum Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Boric Acid Lead Citric Acid Dyes & Pigments Ore Leaching Zinc Carbonates Gold and Silver Maltos Food Processing Phosphates Zeolite Titanium Dioxide Sugar Fertilizer Magnesium Sylvine Mycellium Petroleum Slurry Wash Application Top: Gold Mine Operation (Tailings Filtration) Middle: Gypsum Cake (Wallboard Factory) Cover Photos: Note: Make sure to look under the fabric to see the drainage belt! * Drainage Belt (*Runs Beneath Filtration Cloth Conveyor Systems)