20 Lightweight Thermoplastic Belting BELT SAMPLES ARE AVAILABLE! CALL FOR DETAILS. * Additional abbreviations on page 1. Thermoplastic Abbreviation Key AS = Antistatic B = Bare Fabric CU = Cast Urethane Finger Splice E = Polyester EC = Polyester Cotton EMB = Square Profile ES = Spun Polyester FI = Fabric Impression Profile FS = Friction Surface G = Gloss Finish HC = Hard Cover HCR = Highly Cross Rigid HST = Heavy Saw Tooth HT = High Temp HTEX = Heavily Textiled Profile IP = Inverted Pyramid IWP = Interwoven Polyester KE = Klean Edge (Fray Resistant) LG = Longitudinally Grooved LST = Light Saw Tooth LTEX = Light Textiled Profile M = Matte Finish Mod = Modified 1 Ply High Strength Fabric Mono = Monofilament Yarn MTEX = Medium Textiled Profile Multi = Multifilament Yarn NBR = Nitrile NM = Non-Marking NRT = Nitrile Rough Top NST = Nitrile Smooth Top NTR = Nitrile Rubber NW = Non-Woven O = Bare Fabric OSM = Oil Service Medium PLY/CTN = Polyester/Cotton Blend Poly = Polyester PU = Polyurethane PU Imp = PU Impregnated PVC = Poly Vinyl Chloride QW = Quiet Weave RC = Release Cover RT = Rough Top Profile SC = Smooth Cover SI = Silicone Cover Spun = Spun Polyester ST = Sticky Top STNM = Smooth Top Non-Marking UO = PU Impregnated V5 = 5mm PVC VO = PVC Impregnated MonoPro® 2 Ply Green PVC Roughtop x Bare The soft PVC roughtop cover makes No. 116 a good choice for incline/decline applications. The 116 is ideal for situations requiring smaller pulley diameters. This versatile belt is often used in the corrugated box board industry and in case sealers. It features a polyester carcass with monofilament construction to eliminate stretching and edge curl. 116 E10/2 0/V40 Green PVC RT NA 116 115 MonoPro® 2 & 3 Ply Green PVC x IP The 115 and 115A are general purpose conveyor belts used when a cover is needed on both sides. They have a smooth PVC top cover with inverted pyramid (IP) bottom cover; com- monly seen in material handling applications and on roller bed conveyors. Two ply No. 115 is antistatic, while heavier 115A is a non-antistatic three ply belt. *In stock but not shown in Belt- service's full line sample catalog. 115 E10/2 V10IP/V10 Green AS 115A E15/3 V08IP/V7 Green NA* MonoPro® 2 Ply Green Polyurethane x Bare Nos. 113 and 113D offer good resistance to oils, fats, and solvents; both are antistatic; and both have durable PU top covers, making them excellent belts for metal stamping and parts conveying. Their heavy PU covers and fabric impregnation provide long- term strength and small pulley capacity. The 113D's top cover has a gloss finish and it is also FDA approved for the transport of unpacked foodstuffs. E8/2 0/U3 M Green AS 113D MonoPro® 2 Ply Black PVC x Bare No. 107ASB has a high strength polyester carcass, high grade PVC top cover, and is antistatic. Antistatic matte finish No. 112 is used extensively for checkout counter applications, is easy on inspectors’ eyes, and also used for conveying electronic parts. No. 114 is a heavy duty general purpose belt with thick PVC top cover; it can be troughed where needed.*In stock but not shown in Beltservice's full line sample catalog. E12/2 0/V5 Black AS* 107ASB EM13/2 0/V4 Black NA* 114 114 E17/2 U1/U10 Green AS FDA 113D 113 MonoPro® 2 Ply Green PVC x Bare No. 111A's abrasion resistant PVC cover is ideal for use on fiberglass in box board plants. It is also antistatic and can be used for conveying electronic parts. No. 111B is non-antistatic, designed for cleat and sidewall belt applications on eddy cur- rent machines. *In stock but not shown in Beltservice's full line sample catalog. E8/2 0/V5 Green AS E12/2 0V1 Green PVC Gloss NA* 111B 111A 111A E8/2 0/V5 Black M AS 112