CUSTOM AND IN-STOCK CLEATED BELTS Beltservice has more than 40 years of experience in fabricating custom and in-stock belts for MRF (materials recovery facilities) and C&D (construction & demolition) applications. Conveyor belts made by our Beltwall and Fabflex Divisions, combined with Beltservice’s hot-vulcanized cleating capabilities, provide distributors with the widest selection of cleated belting in North America. CUSTOM HOT MOLDED RUBBER BELTS Beltservice’s custom cleat fabrications include rubber I cleats, beefy cleats, mini cleats, steel-reinforced cleats, lug cleats, high incline C and S cleats, 2-part I cleats, 2-part S cleats, PVC vinyl cleats, curved PVC cleats, and PVC scoop cleats. Cleats are hot-vulcanized into the belt’s surface, not cold-bonded or ce- mented. Standard I cleats range in heights from 1/2” to 5” (beefy cleats to 6”). For taller cleats, two-part constructions are used. BELTWALL CUSTOM CORRUGATED SIDEWALL BELTS Corrugated sidewall belts from Beltservice’s Beltwall Division are ideal for high-capacity, steep-incline conveying. With sidewall heights up to 16”, Beltwall belts are frequently used in applications to carry material from the tipping floor to the sorting lines. Beltwall’s urethane cleats are bolted into cleat bases that are hot-vulcanized to a highly cross-rigid base belt (pictured at left) and are more durable than rubber cleats of similar size. CUSTOM FLANGED BELTS Flanges for increased carrying capacity range from 1/2” to 2” tall and can be solid, siped or notched (shown at left). They are available in standard 60 durom- eter or our special 40 durometer to handle smaller pulley diameters without siping. Beltservice’s Fabflex Division also applies sloped or straight vanner edges in heights of 1/2” to 1-1/2”. Belts can be made with prepared ends for field splicing or manufactured endless. CUSTOM URETHANE-COVERED BELTS For the most demanding applications requiring cut and abrasion resistance Belt- service manufactures its Ure-Clad, or “Ugly Belt,” in two styles: a skim top cover (shown at left) and a 1/8” top cover. Urethane covers are applied to a wide range of base belts for different conveying situations. Strong, abrasion-resistant ure- thane cleats can be cast into the surface of a urethane-covered belt to prevent material “slip-back” on incline conveyors. INTEGRALLY MOLDED IN-STOCK FABLON CLEATED BELTS Available for immediate delivery from Beltservice’s Fabflex Division are two series of heavy duty Fablon cleated belts: the 150 series, stocked in 3 different cleat heights and 2 cover types; and the heavier 220 series, available in 2 cleat heights and 2 covers. Cleats are all on 12” centers and molded with the belts’ covers in one operation to ensure they will never separate from the belt. Fablon 150 and 220 cleated belts are 48” wide and cut to any desired width. SPECIALTY BELT FABRICATIONS Specialty-type waste processing and recycling belts include flanged belts and urethane-covered belts. Urethane belts are made exclusively at Beltservice’s Earth City, Missouri, plant. Fanged belts are also made at Earth City and at our Fabflex Division facility located at Boise, Idaho.