Beltwall® is North America’s leader in corrugated sidewall belting, designed for high-incline conveying, up to and including 90°. These are very popular when it comes to heavy lifting applications, such as with construction, mining and automotive operations.




Each Beltwall belt consists of two corrugated sidewalls bonded to a cross-rigid base belt. Cleats are hot molded to the base belt between the walls for steep angle material handling. The walls can be recessed for clearance and belt support through bend sections.


Beltwall offers the widest variety of corrugated sidewalls in the industry - from 1" through 16" - with metric sizes readily available. All walls are impregnated with microscopic fibers to maximize resistance to cuts and tears. Sizes 6" and above are also reinforced with a specially woven fabric ply to produce exceptional strength and performance.


From the steaming heat of the South American tropics to the freezing cold waters of the Arctic Circle, Beltwall belts operate consistently, conveying a full range of bulk materials.


Beltwall offers three distinct cleat profiles to provide optimal capacity at any angle. All cleats are hot molded to the base belt, creating a rugged, permanent construction. Cleats taller than 5" are a two-part construction consisting of a replaceable urethane cleat blade that is bolted into a U-shaped rubber cleat base vulcanized to the base belt.

Base Belt

Beltwall base belt is unequaled in the industry in terms of supplying the cross rigidity required by the particular demands of high-incline conveying. The special construction resists side-to-side flexing while allowing operation around standard diameter pulleys.