Blast belts operate in some of the harshest environments faced by rubber belting. Cast metal parts, often having jagged edges, are tumbled by the belt and blasted with abrasive media. Applications include: foundries, heat treating operations, tool manufacturing, etc.

Rubber and Urethane


Product Line

Jagged flashing, sharp burrs, and impacting shot are just some of the factors that make this an extremely harsh environment for rubber mill belts, and only a properly specified belt will yield an acceptable service life in this application. Beltservice Corporation has many years of experience with this application, and has produced thousands of belts for shot blast machinery.

Beltservice offers the Blast/Shift-Peening Industry a wide variety of belting and special fabrication products, including:

  • Tumble Blast Belts
  • Rubber Blast Pads
  • Urethane Blast Pads
  • Vestibule Curtains
  • Room Liners
  • Elevator Belting
  • Roll-up Doors
  • Abrasive Resistant Sheet Rubber
  • Gum Rubber
  • Finger Seals
  • Waterjet capabilities and Cut Part gaskets

Just a few of the industries where tumble blast belts can be found are:

  • Metal Finishers
  • Foundries
  • Auto Rebuilders
  • Metal Platers
  • Heat Treaters
  • Metal Fabrication Shops

Lining Material

We stock an extensive inventory of many different types of lining material including abrasion resistant rubber, gum rubber, Linatex, CI sheet and Jade Green. These materials are stocked in the most popular gauges, and can be ordered in full rolls or cut to length and width. Many of these materials can also be used in conjunction with our waterjet cutting capabilities to manufacture items such as gaskets, vestibule curtains, table mats and roll-up doors.

Waterjet Cut Parts & Gaskets

Precision Cut parts, Gaskets, and Vestibule Curtains are available in a wide variety of materials with our state-of-the-art waterjet cutting technology. This CNC controlled high tech equipment makes it possible to produce identical custom parts quickly and without the added cost of dies or tooling for both short runs and large quantities. DXF (CAD) or IGES files can be downloaded directly into the waterjet's computer or drawings can be scanned to insure exact tolerances on a repeatable basis. Exceptional edge quality is produced without the introduction of heat or solvents maintaining the structural integrity and uniformity of the material being cut.