ProClean is an easy to clean, positive drive replacement for plastic modular belt in the food processing industry. ProClean belting optimizes the performance of your conveyor system with a low tension belt system. ProClean products have a 100% closed surface, a homogeneous thermoplastic structure and are available in smooth and textured surfaces.

The solid surface meets strict hygienic performance standards, reducing the risk of bacterial growth and cross-contamination during maintenance.



Flat Belting

USDA approved polyurethane flat belt made from a extruded polyurethane material.

Center Drive

Drive lugs are located in the center of the belt. The center position of the lugs allows for self-tracking and can be used in troughed applications and lighter load processing.

Plastic / Stainless Steel Lacing

This feature allows for fast, tool-free belt installations for lightweight to medium load applications. The lacing permits the belt to be easily removed for cleaning.


A variety of fabrications are available including cleats, scoop cleats and corrugated sidewalls.

Drive Bar

An easy to clean positive drive replacement for plastic modular belts in the food processing industry. ProClean belting has a tooth construction that extends across the full belt width for better torque distribution.


Lightweight Driven Belts

A loose conveyor fit makes it easy to lift, clean, and does not require adjustment of take-ups before sanitation.

Conveyor Access

The ProClean product line can be cleaned in place, dramatically improving sanitation time and costs.

Easy to Scrape

Fast drying capabilities for faster startup and quick product changes where allergen control is crucial.

Improves Cleaning

Achieve improved results while reducing belt and conveyor cleaning during change-overs.