Beltservice Corporation manufactures a complete line of flat and fabricated belts for the most popular gravimetric and volumetric weigh feeders. Weigh feeders control the flow of fuel to the coal pulverizers in coal fired power stations. Belt feeders are also used in conveying ore, rock, limestone, minerals and even food grade products into a variety of processing equipment.

Feeder Belts


Product Line

Our flat belt inventory is one of the deepest in the country, with more than 325 specifications in stock.

Our flanged belt fabrication expertise includes everything from special compounds to innovative hot bonding and welding techniques to problem solving. We have over 40 years of experience in fabricating flanged belts to increase conveyor capacity and help prevent product spillage for all types of industries - from food handling to coal fired power plants.

Covered (Hidden) Splice - Both Covers

Provides the ease of installation of a mechanical fastener with the smooth operation of a vulcanized belt. Both the product and the conveyor are protected from marring by the mechanical fasteners. This splice also prevents the lace from deflecting weigh rollers on gravimetric feeders.

Mechanical Splice

A variety of mechanical fasteners are available for most any splicing situation. Mechanical splices offer economy and quick belt installation and change out.

Covered (Hidden) Splice - Top Cover

In this splice, the mechanical fastener is hidden beneath the top cover of the belt. This creates a smooth, nearly seamless surface on the carrying side of the belt. Ideal for applications where a fine product works through a traditional mechanical fastener into the conveyor components or where the belt is cleaned by a scraper.

Covered (Hidden) Splice - Bottom Cover

This splice is similar to the splice above, but with the bottom cover over the mechanical fastener. Designed to protect the pulleys and rollers from the mechanical fasteners and keeps the lace from deflecting weigh rollers on gravimetric feeders.

Vulcanized Endless

Belt life and performance are maximized with this splice. A vulcanized splice provides strength and dependability.