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RPI customer service is beyond Elementary, just like you would expect.  With RPI, you can’t say customer service no longer exists!

RPI Territoy Managers are dedicated to providing you the best service in the industry.  Available by phone or email, they will get back to you within 2 hours.

Drew Jonke – 360-567-4286

Russ Leabo – 360-567-4291

Victor Morales – 360-567-4285

Ben Paliyev – 360-567-4297

Laura Hoggan – 360-567-4289 or 503-784-0827

We take service serious, let us know how we are doing!

Elementary, my dear RPI customer, Elementary!


Selfie Worthy

Selfie Worthy

RPI Frac Sand belts, the only sidewall belt proven not to delaminate in tough conditions, deserve a selfie too!

RPI Frac Sand Belts with Hot Vulcanized Sidewall last longer. Use RPI Frac Sand belts to ensure your customers stay operating! Here are 3 reasons why RPI Frac Belts are the best in the industry!

1) Hot Vulcanized Sidewall! RPI sidewalls don’t delaminate from the belt due to the greater adhesion created in the vulcanization process.
2) Short Lead Times! RPI Frac Sand belts ship in 3 weeks or less! Customer down? We’ll make you the hero!
3) Quality! RPI Frac Sand belts have a 100% success record in the field

RPI, selfie stick not included with purchase!


Black and White

Black and White

At RPI there are no shades of grey when it comes to our belting! Dedicated molds ensure there are no Zebras at RPI!

RPI White Nitrile belts are built using dedicated molds, leaving a prestine white belt with no black or grey cleats!

White Nitrile belts provide excellent resistance to oil, fat and grease. White Nitrile belts withstand hot water and steam cleaning. With a proven track record, why go with an unknown?

RPI cleated White Nitrile belts are ideal for food applications that need a proven solution. RPI White Nitrile belts meet FDA requirements and are USDA/MID approved for direct food contact.

Leave Shades of Grey for the books, RPI is Black or White!


Zigged Instead of Zagged

Zigged Instead of Zagged

With RPI Eddy Current belts, you don’t have to worry about whether you should have zigged or zagged, they are right on every time!

RPI Eddy Current Belts are fabricated to meet or exceed the performance of OEM supplied belts. RPI has a library of standard designs of PVC and Urethane Eddy Current Belts with Sidewalls or V-guides.

With custom fabrication capabilities, RPI can help solve application issues and improve belt life. Call your account manager to review your application today!

RPI, taking the question out of the equation!


A Hard Day’s Nap

A Hard Day’s Nap

Some things wear you down…with RPI wear products we protect you from getting so worn down you are left in a tree.

Using recycled belting as skirting can cause damage to your new belt. RPI Wear Materials are made of high quality, long lasting material that is of softer durometer than your belt, ensuring no damage is left behind.
Rock Armor Skirtboard, Gum and High Strength
Impact Rubber are stocked and ready to ship.
Available in 48” and 60” or cut widths up to 50 ft
long. RPI has the material you need, when you need it!

RPI, here to provide protection!




RPI Recycling belts take the frustration out of helping your customers acheive longer belt life and improved material movement.

RPI has the expertise to provide quality belts for
MRF, C&D, Metal and Glass recycling plants. Flat, Integrally Molded, Custom Cleated or Sidewalls, we can do it all!
When you buy an RPI recycling belt, you are getting a high quality belt with years of experience behind every cleat. RPI is setting records in developing custom cleat profiles and configurations to solve the unique needs of the recycling industry.
RPI dominates the recycling industry as the belt
fabricator with the most industry knowledge and problem solving ability.

RPI, your BFF!



RPI Chain Belt assemblies for recycling, agriculture and industrial applications help you get back up and running fast!

RPI can fully assemble the Chain Belts with grouser bars, backer bars, tabs and chain.  Get your customer back up and running in a shorter amount of time!  RPI can ship a fully assembled unit in 2-3 weeks, if chain is a standard design!

Ensure a proper fit by having the belt assembled at the factory, no stretching the belt in the field to align holes. Belts can be assembled in up to 150’ lengths, as desired for installation.

Call RPI today before you’re caught with your pants down!


Sheeps Clothing

Sheeps Clothing

For everyone who wants more, the RPI Phantom Cleats are the Cleats you never imagined you could have… 

Phantom cleats look like a regular cleat from a distance, but when you get close, you realize the cleat is cut into the top cover of the belt!

Phantom cleats are precisely cut into the top cover with our CNC operated Pregrind machine, Lucille.  Lucille ensures the Phantom cleat depth is exact and doesn’t go down to the fabric.

RPI, keeping the clothes on dogs!