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RPI fabricates industry-specific conveyor belt solutions that help our clients grow their business worldwide. We listen, anticipate, and adapt to meet distributor and OEM requests, then go the extra mile to create a solution that exceeds expectations.

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Our fabrication specialists thrive on challenges and consistently amaze customers by anticipating and adapting to requests and requirements quickly. We routinely help distributors and OEMs solve application, maintenance and budget challenges.

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Responsive and


Call us anytime to talk through your application, we are here to troubleshoot your belting issues and requirements. RPI is committed to completing your order fast and accurate every time.

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Rubber Rod's Corner


RPI custom extrusion is so fun to play with, we keep getting in trouble!  Stay clean and out of time-out with extrusion made for you! RPI has extruded rubber profiles customized for your specific application. From the type of rubber... Read more →


Don't scare yourself needlessly, RPI custom fabrication ensures that you get exactly what you expected, no surprises! You should never live in fear of not getting what you wanted or needed.  With RPI Custom Fabricated Rubber Products, you know you'll... Read more →


Unless you want to stand out, seams do matter!  RPI Longitudinal belts are so smooth the seam is almost invisible! RPI Hot Vulcanized Longitudinal splices are available up to 252” (21’-0”) wide. RPI cold bond longitudinal splices are available up... Read more →


Maybe the belt was born with it, maybe it's RPI! RPI Chevron belts are manufactured with such high quality, sometimes you can't tell if it was born with it!  With RPI Fabricated Chevron belts, you know you'll get exactly what... Read more →


Compete to win a bottle of booze and get an RPI Flask!   Come see RPI at Booth #704 and collect your 8oz Stainless Steel Flask! Why a Rubber Chicken?  As the Best Damn Custom Rubber Fabricators, rubber is what... Read more →