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BeltService Corporation has acquired
Rubber and Plastics Inc. (RPI)

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Beltservice Corporation acquires Rubber and Plastics Inc. (RPI)

Beltservice Corporation (“Beltservice”), a St. Louis -based market leader in value-added fabrication and distribution of conveyor belt and related products, has an agreement to acquire Rubber and Plastics Inc (“RPI”) with a closing set for June 29th.

RPI is an independent distributor and fabricator of conveyor belting with a specialty in rubber cleat vulcanization and hot vulcanized sidewall. Based in Vancouver, WA, RPI has been a trusted supplier for Distributors and OEMS not only in the western United States but throughout the country and Canada for 30 years.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Beltservice, not only are we acquiring a great team of employees with real experience and knowhow in conveyor belt fabrication, we are entering a relationship with Rodney Roalsen to bring his understanding, relationships, and family legacy to Beltservice for future growth,” said Ken Engelsmann, President of Beltservice. “An important part of our growth strategy is finding companies to acquire who believe in a sales channel that supports Distributors and OEMS rather than competes with them. This acquisition is about bringing two great companies who have respectfully competed against each other for many years together to better serve customers.”

The acquisition will strengthen Beltservice’s presence in the western United States where it currently has locations in Portland Oregon, Sacramento California, and Boise Idaho. In the immediate short term, RPI will operate as a division of Beltservice until it can be fully integrated. In the long-term the operations in Portland and Vancouver will be merged into one creating a cleating and sidewall fabrication facility second in the country only to what Beltservice already has in St. Louis.

“I am beyond pleased to be entering this agreement that benefits all the key stakeholders beyond just myself and my family” said Rodney Roalsen, President and Owner of RPI. “Beltservice is a great fit for the employees and customers of RPI at many levels. I am excited about the future and promoting the mutual belief that Beltservice and RPI are Better Together”!

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